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Catching Up

It’s been awhile and I apologize.  You’d think the beginning of summer would mean things would slow down.  Wrong!  Seems like things are just getting busier and busier.  But that’s good, because it means business is continuing to pick up.

Just a couple of quick notes and then back to work.

First, if you check our schedule on our homepage, you’ll see that we’ve made a couple of slight changes to our publication schedule.  The first is that the titles initially set to come out today will be out later this week.  We’ll blog, fb and tweet when they are out.

Second, because these titles are coming out a bit later than initially planned, and because we only have one release date next month, we’ve changed that date from July 5th to the 15th.  Then, in August, we go back to our regular twice a month release schedule.

Finally, a reminder that we open to submissions July 1st.  The submission period runs throughout the month.  For those of you who sent submissions in April, if you haven’t already received a response, you will in the next day or so.  We had a number of very good submissions and it’s been a hard task determining which ones to accept.

Until later!




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New Titles Are Up!

Just a quick announcement to let you know that we have two new titles available today.  The first, Blood Ransom, is a collection of fantastical short stories from Sarah A. Hoyt.  The second, Black Feather, Bright Heart, is a fantasy short story by Darwin A. Garrison.  They are available now from the NRP site, just follow the links, and will be available soon from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and other outlets.


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