New Titles are now available!

Despite rain and hail and a couple of technical issues, we now have five new titles available at our website.

The first, Flight of the Phoenix by Chris McMahon, is a prequel to The Jakirian Cycle which begins with The Calvanni, due out next month.

Belin has earned a comfortable retirement after years as a general in the service of the Bulvuran Empire.  But, as is often the case with warriors, it isn’t to be.  Beset by visions of the demise of the Emperor,Belin strikes off across the leagues from the Delta province to the capital Raynor to save Empress Evelyn and her newborn child from death at the hands of the Eathal  shapechanger and Sorcerer Geisel. The general’s legendary greatscythe skills will be put to the test against overwhelming opposition. He must overcome the treachery of those Suul who seek to profit from the fall of the Empire – and confront his own fears of Sorcery as he comes face-to-face with Geisel.

The second title is The Last Voiceby Robert A. Hoyt.   Science rushes headlong into a conflict with morality, love with duty.  An asteroid, a “planet killer”, threatens all life. Scientists rush to build the ships necessary to carry their people to the safety of the stars.  But at what cost?  Is it demanding too much when the removal of sentience is involved in the building process?  Robert takes these questions and looks at them in his own unique way. . . which means along with spaceships, there are dinosaurs and a love that may just be enough to justify the ultimate sacrifice.

Next up is Pam Uphoff’s novella, Lawyers of Mars.  It started simply enough.  Thanks to an over-confident prosecutor and easily twisted scientific theory, Xaero L’svages managed to get her client off on charges he’d been part of a terroristic plot.  Oh, she had no doubt Blozolli was part of the Red Ever Mars conspiracy.  But that wasn’t her concern.  She’d done her job and now it was time to move on to the next case, hopefully one that wouldn’t be quite so politically explosive.  Of course, that was before her nephew managed to get himself kidnapped by supporters of Red Ever Mars.  Now it’s up to Xaero to rescue him and, along the way, rescue a prince or two as well.  No one said practicing law on Mars would be dull.

Here There Be Faeries is Stephen Simmons’ take on what might happen if the United Nations one day found itself confronted by a delegation of the fantastical kind.  International relations take a strange twist when the U.N. finds a number of new delegates demanding recognition.  Faeries and elves, goblins and ents, and even Death himself make an appearance in this game of wits not only to save all Faeriekind but, quite possibly, humankind as well.

Finally we have Leslie Fish’s Revocare.  A lovers’ triangle leads to a life-and-death struggle deep beneath the Earth’s surface in a world of nightmares.  Will human determination and ingenuity be enough to defeat not only hunger and thirst but also creatures that should never exist?

Of course, these titles, like all our others, are DRM-free.



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2 responses to “New Titles are now available!

  1. Paul Howard

    Got a question about _Lawyers Of Mars_. Pam started this story as a joke, kidding another Barfly in LMB’s MilesToGo conference. Would Pam want anybody to announce in MilesToGo that it’s for sale here? [Questioning Smile]

  2. Paul,

    Not Pam, but I’ll give my two cents worth. I don’t know the etiquette for Lois’ forum. If you think she’d be all right with it — or if you want to check with her first — then that would be fine.


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