Release Day on Monday

As you can probably tell by the sparcity of posts this week, we’ve all been busy here at NRP.  One of the changes instituted this month and goes into effect starting Monday is a new publication schedule.  From Monday forward, we will be releasing new titles the first and third Monday of each month.  July will be the exception where we will have only one release date — so the folks here can have some much earned down time.

Monday’s titles will include Chris McMahon’s novella, Flight of the Phoenix, a prequel of sorts to his Calvanni trilogy (Book 1 comes out June 20th), Pam Uphoff’s novella, Lawyers of Mars, Leslie Fish’s short story, Revocare, and Stephen Simmons short story, Here There be Faeries.

June, probably middle to late June, will also see the release in hard copy of Kate Paulk’s novel, Impaler, as well as Dave Freer’s middle grade/early YA novella, Without a Trace.  Both are currently available through at our site or through Amazon and Barnes & Noble and will shortly be available through Smashwords and their affiliates.

Blogging will, hopefully, return to normal next week.



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