3 Cups of Tea, Kindle Lending Library and More

This past Sunday, 60 Minutes did a piece on the best selling book Three Cups of Tea.  Among the concerns raised were allegations that parts of the book were, at best, exaggerations of the author’s adventures in Afghanistan and, at worst, out right fabrications.  While 60 Minutes did not do a hatchet job on the book or the author, it raised enough eyebrows for the fall-out to begin.  The latest is news that Montana’s attorney general is going to be looking into the charity associated with the author, Greg Mortenson.

Also appearing this week is Jon Krakauer’s Three Cups of Deceit, an 80-something page “expose” detailing how “Greg Mortenson, humanitarian hero, lost his way”.  I am not endorsing this work as I have yet to read it, however, Krakauer was one of those interviewed by 60 Minutes who raised concerns about how monies from Mortenson’s charity are being used.

For more on this, check out my post from yesterday.

In other news, for all those Kindle owners who have moaned and groaned because you can’t borrow e-books from your library (most libraries use OverDrive which is mainly limited to EPUB format for e-books), there is good news.  Amazon has announced that it will be launching library lending with more than 11,000 libraries in the U. S. later this year.  You can read the press release here.   The really good news here is that this capability will be available for all versions of the Kindle.

Agent Rachelle Gardner has a great post today on “6 Thinks Writers Can Learn From Hemingway“.  For every writer out there, I recommend you take a look at Ms. Gardner’s list.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen posts from writers — usually new ones, but not always — say they don’t read other books in the genre they are writing in because, gasp, they don’t want to be contaminated by someone else’s style.  They are convinced what they have to say is unique and will be ruined if they see what else is happening in the genre.  Word of advice — read.  Read lots.  Read in your genre and in other genres as well.  Read non-fiction.  Research.  Read.

Finally, check out Sarah A. Hoyt’s post over a Mad Genius Club today.  This is another must-read for all authors.


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