News from the publishing world

Let’s lead off with Borders — again.  If you didn’t see my post yesterday (over on my personal blog) about what Borders has been up to, the short version is it is offering educators a “special” offer to pay for the privilege of self-publishing their own e-books and hard copy books.  If you do the math, it even looks like this is a very special deal in that it will cost educators more than it does the average Joe off the street.  Oh, and remember, you can do exactly what Borders and Bookbrewer are offering at a fee for free from Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.   For more, check out my post from yesterday.

There’s an interesting article from NRP about the future of libraries and e-books.  Just as the publishing industry is struggling to adapt to e-books and figure out where they fall in the grand scheme of things, so are libraries.  More and more patrons are demanding the ability to check out e-books in formats that work on their particular e-reader.  That costs the libraries money, money they often don’t have.  Throw in the decision by Harper-Collins to limit the number of times an e-book can be checked out (26 times) before a new license must be purchased and, well, that’s more money and more patron frustration — think about how you’d feel to be on the waiting list for the latest best seller only to be told you can’t read it because you were unlucky number 27.

The last paragraph of the article is the telling one — and one that publishers as a whole must also answer.  What do you think?

Finally, the internet has been guardedly optimistic and excited by news that J. K. Rowling was considering finally bringing the Harry Potter books out in digital format.  My advice?  Don’t hold your breath.  I don’t see it happening any time soon.  Despite an earlier report, Rowling’s representative — as well as her publisher in the UK — say there is no forthcoming announcement about digital versions of the best selling books.  Whether this is a stroke of marketing genius by Rowling and her people or not will wait to be seen.  It does, however, once more raise the hopes of her fans only to dash them.

More to come later…have a great day!

— Amanda


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  1. Pam Uphoff

    NPR, NRP . . . well, we knew what you meant. 😉

    Good article. Dealing directly with the authors? Umm, maybe with a big national or world-wide clearing house, too much work probably for anything short of a statewide organization.

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