A Giveaway or Two and a Reminder

Just a quick note to let you know we have two free titles available for download from our webstore.

B. Quick, by C. S. Laurel, is the first in the Quick series.  The second, Quicksand will be available this summer.

It was a night of triumphal activity for the Society For The Elimination of Good Looking Blonds.  By sheer chance, middle-aged literature professor Bill Yates interrupts a murderer in the act of dumping an unconscious young man into the local river.  Bill surprises himself by rescuing the young man and unwittingly plunges into a maelstrom of murder, psychoanalysis and Shakespeare.  Falling in love with the young man he rescued is either fitting punishment or just reward for his trouble, and it will be a long time before Bill knows which.

The second is Born in Blood, by Kate Paulk.  This is the prequel novella to Kate’s upcoming novel Impaler.  Impaler will be available later this week.

Vlad Dracul, known later in life as Vlad the Impaler, suffered more than any should at the hands of Mehmed, son of Sultan Murad.  Of all the pain and indignities brought upon him at the behest of the future ruler of the Ottoman Empire, the curse was the worst. All the young Vlad can do is try to survive and plot his vengeance.

And now the reminder.  We open for submissions on April 1st.  You can find out submission requirements here.


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