Submission Period Opens Soon

Well, folks, it’s almost that time again.  Starting April 1st and running the entire month, we’ll be accepting submissions for short stories and novels.  Our previous submission periods have brought us some wonderful stories.  The first of these will appear next month — Want by Jay Caselberg and Skipping Stones by Darwin Garrison.

You can find out submission guidelines here.

Like most publishers, big and small, our editors have a wide variety of interests.  So, if you have a mystery, romance, fantasy, space opera, alternate history or anything else that isn’t specifically prohibited by the guidelines, send it in.  We’d love to see it.

Until later!



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One response to “Submission Period Opens Soon

  1. Stephen J. Simmons

    First draft of the story I’m hoping to inflict on you this time around is about a third done — and still rather drafty, as Pam so eloquently put it … but I think it may have the potential to induce more giggles than HTBF did. I hope. If I can get the ideas onto the paper in anything like the form I see them in my head …

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