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Monday Morning Mash-Up

The weekend is over.  My son is back to university and, thankfully, texted late last night to let me know he thinks most of his stuff is going to be okay (for those who missed it, after he’d come home for Spring Break, his dorm room flooded and we’d been told his computer, printer and a lot of other stuff had been ruined).  So, fingers crossed, things aren’t as bad as we’d been led to believe.

There were several interesting articles posted the last few days I thought I’d link to.  I’m going to start with the list of Borders stores announced as closing the end of last week.  I know I posted the link earlier but it didn’t always work, so, here’s trying again.  Click here to see the list of 28 super-stores (mainly) announced as closing in the latest round of  filings coming out of the bankruptcy court.  One word of warning, this list includes ALL the stores listed for closure.  The newest ones will have notations in red that they are scheduled to close by late May.

In keeping with the bookstore news, there is this article about Barnes & Noble’s sale of trade books last year.  B&N was #1 in trade book sales and the outlet taking the biggest hit was Walmart.

In other news — and I am just passing this along.  This is by no means an endorsement because I haven’t tried the software myself nor am I receiving any remuneration for posting the link — Scrivener has released a beta Windows version of its writing software.  Scrivener has been a favorite of a number of writers for years but has been tied to the Mac format.  Now it has released a beta version of the software for those writers using PC based and, iirc, linux based systems.  Here is a nice write-up about the software as a whole.  If you are interested in looking at the beta version, check out this link.

If you are going to be traveling through the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport any time soon, check this out.  An e-book library has opened in the airport and it currently has 400 titles available.  The one hitch is that the titles have to be read in the airport; they can’t be downloaded and taken away.  Still, it is an interesting development in the ongoing e-book revolution.

More later.  Have a great Monday!




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