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The NY Times has revealed “its new e-book bestsellers that will appear in print in its February 13 edition.”  It’s going to be interesting to watch this over the next few weeks and months, especially since they have the list broken down into bestsellers as e-books, as print books and then as a combined list.  The list is also broken down into fiction and non-fiction bestsellers.

There’s additional news on the “is Amazon a publisher or a bookseller?” front.   I think it’s pretty clear Amazon is a publisher, at least on a small scale when it comes to print books (CreateSpace not counting in my opinon since is it POD).  However, the fact they are willing and eager to go after authors who have been dropped by their publishers is yet another indication that the industry is changing.  It also proves what I’ve always thought — the publishers are foolish for cutting their mid-list authors loose.  These authors might not sell mega-numbers, but the publishers know there is an established fan base that can be counted on to sell X-number of books.  That’s money in the bank.  Unfortunately, the publishers don’t seem to understand this.

In an attempt to help members (independent booksellers) expand their online presence, the American Booksellers Association has partnered with Monsoon Commerce Solutions.  This will allow members to list their used inventory on more than a dozen online marketplaces for free.

Here’s more on the Apple decision to reject the Sony e-book app and its possible implications.

Finally, even more evidence that e-books are a market that publishers have to embrace.  Second quarter sales at Harper Collins were down.  Part of the reason for this, according to HC, were fewer titles being offered.  However, even as sales overall fell, e-book sales rose 400%.  Think what they would have done without the agency model.


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