A Few End-of-Year Thoughts

Wow, what a busy few months we’ve had here.  All the months of prep leading up to Naked Reader Press going live have paid off.  So I want to start by thanking everyone who has helped spread the word about NRP, who has bought one of our novels or short stories and, most especially, those authors and illustrators who have trusted us with their work.

As promised, responses to the first round of open submissions have been sent out.  We were impressed not only with the number of submissions we received but also with the quality.  So, here’s another thank you to all the authors who submitted to us.

2011 will see an expansion of NRP’s offerings.  While we will continue to offer a number of sf/f titles, you will soon see more “mainstream” — no choking, shouting or screaming, please.  I put it in quote ;-p — genres such as mystery/suspense and romance.  We will also continue putting out short story collections by authors such as Dave Freer, Sarah A. Hoyt and others.

I know there are some of you out there who want books from your favorite authors before they actually hit the shelves — or, in the case of e-books, before they hit the interwebs.  So we’ll be offering e-arcs for some of our titles.  These will, of course, be unproofed versions of the final product and will usually come out 6 – 8 weeks before the final version hits the electronic shelves.

The New Year will also bring contests and giveaways.  So keep an eye on this blog for further details.

Finally, everyone at NRP wishes you and yours and Happy and Safe New Years!



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2 responses to “A Few End-of-Year Thoughts

  1. Kate Paulk

    So when is the Christmas Campaign scheduled as an ebook? I think I broke something reading it.

  2. Kate, we’re working on convincing Robert to let us put Christmas Campaign out as a collection. He has several equally wicked, er wonderful, holiday themed tales. Hopefully, we will have an announcement about it some time next month.

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