A Rush of Wings

A Rush of Wings is our newest offering.  This collection of short stories includes such authors as Sarah A. Hoyt, Dave Freer and Chris McMahon.

Every society has its tales of angels and demons, those creatures whose purpose is to either save humanity or destroy it. Some times, it’s not always easy to tell which is which. Beauty can be used to deceive and ugliness can hide the true beauty. The stories in this anthology take a number of different approaches to the theme of angels and demons, predators and protectors.

In Daughter of Man, (Sarah A. Hoyt) a young man comes home from university to claim his lover only to find she’s run off with another. The only problem is no one in their village has seen this other man. The only clue is a note she’s left saying she’s found her true love, her angel. But is he really an angel?

In Agape, (Taylor M. Lunsford) a new angel and an equally new demon are teamed together to help maintain the “balance”. What they don’t know is that means going after two of their own. If that isn’t trouble enough, neither feel particularly well-suited for their new roles. In life, Esme did everything she could to be good. Kamin was the bad boy soccer player. Now they are demon and angel respectively. Talk about being thrown a curve ball.

His Father’s Son is the story of a son’s thirst for vengeance against his demon father for what he sees as the ultimate betrayal of his human mother. But vengeance is never quite as easy as it seems, nor does it always go as planned.

Murtagh’s Fury (Chris McMahon) brings Celtic mythology to life along the banks of the Brisbane River. Bound to the land, one of the last of the ancient Celtic protectors fights to stave off the destruction of the land and people under her care when attacked by the Fomori, an ancient enemy.

Predator: Prey: Protector (Robert Cruze, Jr.) takes on the very real danger of cyberstalking. Add in a young woman who once wanted to be a flapper, vampires and a thirteen year old who isn’t nearly as grown up as he thinks and the real evil in this story never has a chance in this tale where the hunter becomes the hunted and the meek aren’t necessarily what they seem.

In Angel and the Demon, (Chris Kelsey) the monsters of our childhood nightmares are real. Some of them, however, wear the white hats and come to the rescue when the government doesn’t know how to handle a problem. This time, however, the demon strikes just a bit too close to home for comfort.

Afterlife 2.0 (Robert A. Hoyt) answers the age old question of whether lawyers really are the agents of Hell as the Devil himself battles two former ghost hunters turned soul “capturers” and their rather angelic secretary.

My Grandmother’s Shame (Dave Freer) is a tale of love, abandonment and hope. For seventy years she’s waited. She’d borne his child and withstood the shame. Her strength had seen her through so much. But would that strength see her through to their reunion?

This anthology is available for purchase here for the discounted price of $1.99.  It will be available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets within a few days.


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2 responses to “A Rush of Wings

  1. Kate Paulk

    A wee update – since the poor blog writer is clearly overworked and underpaid 🙂 – I’m the culprit (ahem) author of His Father’s Son.

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