Science Fiction, Double Feature

No, I’m not channeling Rocky Horror Picture Show…well, maybe I am a little.  But this actually goes back to a facebook post I made yesterday evening:   The Geminid meteor shower is tonight. Why do I keep flashing back to the old movie “Day of the Triffids”? I was a kid when I first saw it and it creeped me out then. Guess you could say it still does. After all, why else would I live in fear of walking Joshua trees coming to get me and no sea water in sight? Guess it could be a good blog…what movies still haunt you today? What do you think?

The thing is, I wasn’t kidding when I wrote that.  I still find myself thinking twice before watching a meteor shower because of that movie — and the book by John Wyndham.  Mind you, I was just a kid when I saw the movie, but it stuck with me.

Another scene that stuck with me comes from an old Alfred Hitchcock film.  I think it was from the Alfred Hitchcock Hour — again, a show from my childhood and something I wasn’t supposed to watch.  But, like so many kids, I snuck around the corner into the den and watched it without my parents or the neighbors realizing it.  All I remember is the wife had a lover and they killed her husband, cutting off his hands in the process.  They thought they were home free but the hands came back.  I remember them crawling up the bed to throttle one of them and then coming over the back of the driver seat to kill the other.  Talk about being creeped out.

So, are there movies or books that have impacted you like this?  Or am I alone in being scarred by bad B-movies? 😉


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