You know the holiday season is here not by the increasing number of football games shown on TV, nor by the remainders of turkey and ham in the fridge.  No, you know it by the ever increasing number of ads in the newspaper, on TV and the internet.  You also know it by the number of employees acting like they are hard at work today when, in fact, they are busy trying to find that perfect online deal.  In order to do our part in helping folks find great deals on e-books, we’re putting all our titles on sale today.  I’ll tell you how to get the discount a little later on.

But first I want to take a moment to let you know about the titles we’ll be bringing out in December.  The first is Knights in Tarnished Armor, a truly piece by Kate Paulk.  If you like knights that aren’t quite as shining as your mother told you they should be and wenches who are more lusty than maidenly, then this is exactly what you’re looking.  Part comedy of errors, part romance and all laughs, KITA will tickle your funny bone this holiday season.

Quick Sand by C. S. Laurel is the sequel to B. Quick, currently available here.  More fun and romance, with the requisite mystery and dead body, are in store for English professor William Shakespeare Yates and Brian Quick.

Finally, we will be bringing out an anthology revolving around the theme of angels and demons.  Every civilization has stories about creatures who protect mankind from those that would destroy it.  Our contributing authors have put their own unique spin on the theme.  We have stories from Sarah A. Hoyt, Chris McMahon, and a number of others.  Both this anthology and Quick Sand will be available the middle of the month.

Now, for the Cyber-Monday discount.  After you place your items in your shopping cart and are ready to check out, you’ll see a place where you can enter a coupon code (It’s below the PayPal button). Enter the following code to receive 25% off your purchase price:


Enjoy and have a safe and productive Monday!


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