I’m Late, I’m Late. . .

Or I’m very early.  Either way, I think I’ll combine today’s and tomorrow post.  To get things started, Robert A. Hoyt’s short story Bite One, Get One Free is today’s — Friday’s — new story. In it, he proves that vampires can come in many shapes and sizes — some more surprising than others.  Worse, they have, in a manner of speaking, invaded our grocery stores, making the weekly shopping trip more of a nightmare than ever before.

Tomorrow — Saturday — our new story will be Till Your Proud Heart Break by Sarah A. Hoyt.  Just go to our home page and it will be available by 8 am cst (unless a disaster strikes and there is suddenly no coffee).  In Proud Heart, Sarah shows that it is never a good thing to try to come between two magicians who are deeply in love.  However, being Halloween, there’s a twist — isn’t there always?  Check it out, especially if you like your stories to be about magic and be a little magical all at the same time.

Sunday we’re celebrating Halloween in style with Born in Blood…The Legend Begins by Kate Paulk.  This is the prequel to her novel Impaler.  In both, Kate takes a unique approach to the Dracula legend.  I can promise you one thing, there will be absolutely NO sparkly vampires.

Monday at 12:01 am est we open for submissions.  We’re looking for well-written, entertaining short stories, novellas and novels in all genres except erotica.  You can check out our guidelines here.

Monday will also see the next installment of the e-arc of Lawyers of Mars by Pam Uphoff.

Finally, I’m excited to announce that Darwin Garrison will be contributing reviews and op-ed pieces on manga and anime.  We’ll let you know next week exactly when to expect his columns as well as our book review columns by John Wagner.

So, until Sunday, I’m off to prepare for all the hobgoblins and witches and monsters that prowl the streets on Halloween.

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