Today’s story, nanowrimo and more

I want to start by letting everyone know that today’s story — Gooble, Gobble, One of Us by Charles Edgar Quinn — is up on our homepage.  Jack, by Dave Freer, and Predator or Prey, by Ellie Ferguson, are now available for purchase.  Check back each day between now and Halloween for a new story every day.  If you’d like all the stories in a single volume, we will be releasing that for purchase the first week of November.

November will be a month of firsts for Naked Reader Press.  It will be our first open submissions period.  So, if you have something ready, check our submission guidelines and send it to us — starting as 12:01 am EST.

The next first will be a book review column.  John Wagner will post reviews of books, old and new, fiction and non-fiction, on a regular basis.  We will also, hopefully, have a manga/anime reviewer coming on-board in the very near future.  And as we approach the New Year, we will be adding gaming reviews.

November also marks the beginning of Nanowrimo.  A number of our authors will be taking part.  If you aren’t familiar with it, the goal for nanawrimo is to write a 50,000 word novel in one month.  At first glance that looks like a lot to do in a mere 30 days.  But this doesn’t count edits, rewrites, etc.  This is getting the novel done, start to finish.  Polishing it comes later.  The real benefit of it is the discipline it forces on those who take part.  Well, that and the friendships and support that come from joining a local nanorwrimo support group.  Check out the site if you’re interested.  After you sign up — and it is free — sharpen those pencils, make sure there’s ink or toner in your printers and get ready to plant yourself at your desk to write.  After all, every story has to start somewhere.



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  1. Pam Uphoff

    I just decided to give Nanowrimo a try. That’ll teach me to get an idea this late in October!

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